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4-Pack (2 Inferno & 1 Stinger & 1 Original)

Inferno, Stinger & Original

HeatIntense Heat (0-10-10) Strong Heat (0-7-10) Medium Heat (0-2-10)

Chilli Scoville Rating: 80,000 Scoville Rating: 10,000 Scoville Rating: 1,300

  • Description
  • 2 X 150ml Bottles of Diemen's Inferno Hot Sauce

    1 x 150ml Bottle of Diemen's Stinger Hot Sauce

    1 x 150ml Bottle of Diemen's Original Hot Sauce

it's the Diemen pepper berry that makes the diemen's difference!



100% natural ingredients, all locally sourced in Australia

Vegan Friendly

Vegan Friendly

Plant-based hot sauce, suitable for Vegan diets

Full Of Goodness

Full Of Goodness

The Diemen pepper is known for its medicinal properties

 Diemens Hot Sauce
 Diemens Box Hot Sauce

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